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Award Winning Dash Cams

Road Angel Halo Start 1080p Full HD Compact Dash Cam With Quick Release Mount


Capture every detail in Full HD 1080p with the Halo Start dashcam

Halo Start is equipped with the latest image sensor, elevating its recording capabilities to provide extended distance coverage and improved clarity when detecting obstacles. This cutting-edge technology ensures a comprehensive view, capturing intricate details often overlooked by the naked eye. Whether navigating through challenging terrains or encountering unexpected scenarios, the Halo Start excels in delivering a heightened level of precision and clarity.

Variable Sensitivity G-sensor

In line with our 24/7 Always-on Parking mode, when hardwired, the camera will automatically power up and save the event if the G-Sensor is triggered by physical movement or damage to the vehicle. The G-sensor sensitivity is adjustable in the smartphone application. 


24/7 Always-on Dashcam
Parking Mode

Thanks to the Halo Start's Parking Mode (hardwiring kit required) your vehicle is protected when you're away. Park up, turn your ignition off and the Halo Vision will automatically enter into Parking Mode within a set time and desired setting for a set duration of time or a timed voltage cut-off. 

120° Wide Recording Angle

Immerse yourself in the crispness of 1080p Full HD with the Halo Start dashcam. Its compact design and lack of a distracting monitor ensure a seamless experience. Capture the road with a 120-degree field of view, providing an expansive perspective almost as much as the human eye can see... so you won't miss a single detail!


No Screen! No Distraction!

The Halo Start is focused on 2 things, safety and giving you great value! There’s no need for a screen, so why add one? To distract you? No thanks! Our super compact dash cameras give a minimal footprint and take up next to no space when installed in the vehicle, causing no dangerous glare or distraction to the driver!

Please only use the HALO app when safely parked up. 

Auto Image Stabilisation

Camera shake is the thief of sharpness! driving along the road can be a bumpy ride! and often represent the same problem for dashcams! The Road Angel Halo has automatic image levelling so that the video footage comes out smooth with more exposure and less blurring of the image to increase the overall quality of the dashcam footage. 

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