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Award Winning Dash Cams

NEW- Road Angel Halo View 2 Rear View Mirror and Dash Cam with 10" Touch Screen & Dual Parking Mode - USB Type C


1440P QHD Video Recording

Utilising Halo View’s new 6G QHD lens ensures crystal-clear footage that remains in focus as far as the naked eye can see and beyond.

Bigger IS Better!

Halo View has a brilliant 10" touch-sensitive glass screen that displays the 1080P rear camera footage, giving you a clear & crisp view of what is happening behind you.


Waterproof Rear Camera

You can now easily see everything behind your car with our waterproof & high-definition rear camera which can be installed outside of the car/van and used as Reversing Camera.

Reverse Gear Activation

When reverse gear is initiated the Halo View springs into life displaying what the rear camera see day or night, rain or shine. Ideal for vans with sealed bulk heads and reduced visibilty.

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