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Vehicle Tracking


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Westfield TruTrak offer low cost, contract-free tracking devices that are easily installed on the majority of vehicles. Simply fit the device in your vehicle and choose a Top-Up period that suits you best. 

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FMB010 'Plug & Go'


The FMB010 'Plug & Go' is a small, highly cost effective telematics unit that plugs directly into your vehicle OBD-II port found under the dashboard.

It delivers up-to-the-minute telematics data and reporting on:

  • speeding events

  • driving score

  • mileage

  • geofencing

  • MOT reminder

  • Tax reminder

  • Service reminders



The FMT100 smart waterproof GNSS tracker with internal backup battery. Solid waterproof case and built-in accelerometer & gyroscope sensors with extremely accurate trace functionality makes this device perfectly suitable for multiple solutions.  


Easily self installed by simply connecting to a positive and negative feed reducing costs of an engineer and allowing you to easily rotate the device between assets. 

FMB920 - Fuse

The Fuse Tracker is light real-time tracking terminal with GNSS, GSM which is able to collect device coordinates and other useful data and transfer them via GSM network to server.

Easy self install by connecting to your fuse box in any vehicle. This device updates location every 60 seconds with pinpoint accuracy.

Our DIY range prices include VAT. Please note that all telematics equipment requires a monthly Top Up to enable you to view your data online. Details are available on the relevant product page.

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