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Add a rear view camera for complete front and rear surveillance.


Thinkware Rear View Cameras can record crystal clear and detailed footage.

It is installed on the rear window to provide a wide viewing angle, record video and detect motion occurring at the rear of your vehicle.

Thinkware U1000 Rear Camera Only

    • · Rear View Camera
    • · Rear Cam Cable
  • Feature
    • · 2K QHD video quality for U1000
    • · 1080p Full HD video quality for Q800PRO/QA100/F800PRO/F800/X700
    • · 720p HD video quality for FA200/F200/F100
    • · Thinkware PC Viewer captures the footage from the rear view camera so it can be viewed simultaneously with front view videos on a single display for complete surveillance
    • · When installed using the hardwiring cable, the Thinkware Dash Cam enables the rear view camera detection recording while the vehicle is parked for comprehensive surveillance
    • · Cable included


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