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Pair the Radar Module with the U1000 to extend its parking surveillance duration while reducing power consumption when set to Energy Saving Mode 2.0.

The radar will detect motion and allow the dash cam to prepare to save an event clip. If an impact is detected, a 20 second video (10 seconds before and 10 seconds after the impact) is saved in a dedicated folder on the SD card.

When no impacts are detected, the U1000 does not save the footage and resumes Energy Saving Mode 2.0.

**Parking Surveillance Mode requires hardwiring cable installation.

Radar Module for U1000

  • What’s In The Box
    • · Radar Module
    • · Installation Guide
    • · Detection Distance Range : approx. 7m
    • · Detection Horizontal Angle Range : approx. 80°
    • · Detection Vertical Angle Range : approx. 35°
    • · Dimensions (WxDxH) : 48 x 36 x 42mm (1.89 x 1.42 x 1.65 in)
    • · Weight : 57.4g (0.126 lb)
    • · Operating Temperature : -30℃~75℃
    • **Sedan or greater sized vehicle can be detected.
      People passing by will not be detected.
    • **Not every object is guaranteed to be detected.
    • **Due to the nature of Ultra-high Frequency radiation, the distance and degree of detection can be different.
    • **Metal objects may cause the radar to not detect motion properly.
    • **Install Radar Module as far away as possible from metal parts of the rearview mirror/ADAS sensors.


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